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Designed by Bom Noh

Noh is from South Korea where she was raised in a family practising Buddhism. Upon in the Netherlands, she encountered a completely different and transformed use/meaning of the Buddha image. In this country where Buddhism isn’t widespread, Buddha statues are found almost everywhere. Not only in the domestic environment but also in stores, working environments, bars, and restaurants, even in toilets.

Can the representation of Buddha be a tool to understand and reflect on Dutch society?

Through interviews with experts, Bom discovered how the Buddha image in the Netherlands is commodified as a symbol of Well-being, and she noticed it shows the dominant side of the wellness industry in this era and in the Dutch society. She presents her journey in a video installation that illuminates the layers behind the Buddha image in the Dutch context.

*OP=OP means "when it's gone it's gone" in dutch. you can find this often at supermarkets, shops, and stores.

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